Worth getting up early on a Sunday morning

I have been inspired to take my landscapes more seriously after getting one of my Lakes landscape photos featured in Wanderlust Magazine. There was no prize to speak of just the glory of winning their ‘Photo of the Month’

I was up early one Sunday morning. The light was too good to stay at home so I gathered up my photo gear and headed towards the Langdales.I was driving past this lake and noticed the great light. Alas, there was nowhere I could park on the narrow winding road around it. I had to drive onto Elterwater, where I found a car park, then had to lug my gear and tripod back along a muddy track for over a mile to find this view.

This photo is on the website and available for sale, so if you would like to see this hanging on your wall, just place an order .

Here is the extract from the magazine:


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Photography Monthly Feature

I was very happy when  Photography Monthly asked if they could do a feature on me in their magazine.

I had to provide them with a portfolio of images and had to answer some very searching questions that made me really think about my photography.

The article they wrote about me is now in their latest October issue, on the shelves now.

Here is the 2-page feature below:

Rory features in Photography Monthly Magazine


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Winner of National Geographic Traveller Magazine Competition

At Last….. I have won a competition.

My photo of rhinos was chosen as the winning entry in the National Geographic Traveller  monthly competition, and I am now the proud owner of yet another camera – a Canon 550d

But all in the garden is not rosy. My wife is claiming all the credit as she found the competition and entered the photo on my behalf.

So she wants to ring up Jessops the prize sponsor and see if they will swap it for shoes or handbags…But don’t worry, good reader, as I will thwart her dastardly attempts to usurp the prize.

But on a more sensible note, I would urge you all to take up the challenge and enter your photos in as many competitions as you can. I never thought for a moment that I would win first place.

As the great bard said ” you have to be in it to win it”… Or was that Dale Winton?

Here is an extract from the magazine showing my photo

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RHS Tatton Park Flower show 2012

I am busy going through the countless images I got at the show on Sunday.

It was wonderful to journey south  from Kendal and finally find the sun, and enjoy the many and varied stands at the show.

it was bewildering, not knowing where to point my lens next. The organisers are very accommodating  with us photographers which was refreshing and I even saw some tripods in use, alas I left mine at home but it will be with me next year.

I am trying to think how I might gain access to the show either very early morning or after it closes for the evening. The light inside the display tents is amazing, so soft and even and the plants are all in pristine condition.

I would recommend that you all get along next year and take your cameras.

Here is one of my favourites shots from the day:


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Preston Graduation Ball

I was asked last week to take photographs at the Marriott Hotel in Preston to celebrate the graduation of the midwives class of 2012.

It was a great opportunity for me to take photographs at an event and I enjoyed my time there. So thanks to all of you at the ball for allowing me to capture your special evening.

Here is a group shot I took of all the graduates looking lovely in their ball-gowns.

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Runner Up Again…Audley Traveller Magazine Competition…but getting Closer

Imagine my surprise , there i was on a saturday morning sat in bed enjoying a cup of tea and reading the Audley Traveller magazine.

Then I turn the page and find my Havana image. How did this get in here?  On questioning my competition-mad wife, I found out that she had entered the image into their travel competition without telling me, she is so determined to win a holiday….

There were several images that were better than mine and I didn’t get the best in show this time, but it is encouraging. So I guess the moral is: if you don’t enter, you won’t win.

By the way, Audley are a holiday/travel company that we booked with a couple of years ago and I can highly recommend them. Check out their website: Audley Travel

Here is the extract from the Audley Traveller Magazine page, showing my entry:

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Vote for Flowers

I have been trying for ages to get on a magazine cover, and I’m so close I can almost smell it.

Hopefully it will adorn the cover of the prestigious publication, Photography Monthly.

All I need now is to convince you good people to vote for it.

I hope that you will agree that number 4 is very worthy, maybe you don’t but I won’t hold it against you, but if you do like it,

please send a text (which will only cost you 25p) to 80058 with the following:

PM, septcomp, 4, your name

Voting Ends July 13th.

Many Thanks. Please vote and support a struggling artist.


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Runner Up in National Geographic Traveller Magazine Competition

Bad News – I lost out in the National Geographic Traveller magazine competition this month. … never mind, back to the drawing board. But the good news is that my photo of the New York street scene was still published in the magazine.

The magazine extract is shown below and my photo is number 02


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Finally Up and Running

Well….. after weeks of work, uploading, chopping and changing and endless tweaking, we have got a web site.

It’s by no means the finished article yet, but it will get there.

We have only got 100 or so images on line so far. As you can imagine it can be a slow process and I’m kicking myself for not adding keywords and tags and meta data as I imported them onto my computer initially.

Please take note, and learn from my mistake…. tag on import – don’t be lazy!.

We will be updating the site almost daily as I add to the galleries, and, when they grow too large, we will add sub galleries to make finding images easier.

So please keep dropping by to see what’s new, and we will be keeping a regular blog to keep you all informed of what we are up to.



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