Winner of National Geographic Traveller Magazine Competition

At Last….. I have won a competition.

My photo of rhinos was chosen as the winning entry in the National Geographic Traveller  monthly competition, and I am now the proud owner of yet another camera – a Canon 550d

But all in the garden is not rosy. My wife is claiming all the credit as she found the competition and entered the photo on my behalf.

So she wants to ring up Jessops the prize sponsor and see if they will swap it for shoes or handbags…But don’t worry, good reader, as I will thwart her dastardly attempts to usurp the prize.

But on a more sensible note, I would urge you all to take up the challenge and enter your photos in as many competitions as you can. I never thought for a moment that I would win first place.

As the great bard said ” you have to be in it to win it”… Or was that Dale Winton?

Here is an extract from the magazine showing my photo

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