Feature in Practical Photography Magazine

I was very happy when Practical Photography asked if they could do a feature on me in their magazine.

They had singled out one of my images from the gallery on their website and had contacted me to see if they could write a feature on me If you read the article, you will note that the one thing they picked up on was that my photo had been shot at 800 ISO to achieve a speed of 1/200 sec. They thought I could have cut it down to 400 ISO to achieve a speed of 1/100 sec. But a 24-70 lens is very big, long, and heavy. When using heavy lenses like this on a D600 (which is also heavy but handles high ISO very well) I would suggest always getting your speed up as high as you can, as a blurred shot will look a lot worse than one with a little bit of noise in it. You can correct the noise, but you cannot correct the camera shake. I think 1/200 sec is the lowest I usually go when the camera is hand-held. Better still, always carry a tripod….. though around the streets of London, this can be a little tiring. BUT you have to suffer for your art.

The article they wrote about me is now in their latest March 2015 issue, on the shelves now. And my shot and the article are below.


Rory features in Practical Photography Magazine

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