Experts overrule crowd vote in N-Photo Photocrowd competition

There is a fun new site around called Photocrowd that runs regular competitions, and it is fun watching how the crowd vote for each image in real time.

I recently entered their Gardens competition. I decided to enter a photo which was different to the normal garden theme – it had more of a still life feel to it, and I wasn’t sure how it would be received.

On completion of the competition, the crowd had voted it into 23rd place, but the editors of N-Photo Magazine voted it as the winner. It was interesting reading the judges’ critique of it.

What I found very interesting is how the crowd will always go for the very cute or the chocolate box image and will sometimes ignore images that try to be different and challenging. You can watch the images as they are added to the competitions and you can almost guess which ones the crowds will go for. The dilemma I often have is whether to shoot to please the masses, or whether to shoot for myself? I am sure a lot of you also have this in your minds.

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