Annual Spring Pilgrimage

I started my annual spring pilgrimage to bring some colour to my small patio garden and visited the local garden centre.

This gerbera immediately grabbed my attention with the 2 main flower heads back to back, so I splashed the cash and bought it along with various other colourful (photogenic) plants.

When I got home, instead of potting it up, I spent an hour with it propped on the top of my wheelie bin in the corner of my patio using the lid from one of my recycling boxes as a background.

It was quite windy and was threatening to rain and I tried to ignore the washing on the line that was flapping around my head, as I slipped into the creative zone in an effort to find the best angles and compositions.

Happy with my shots, I ran indoors, grabbed a coffee, stuck the SD card in my mac and waited for the massive D800 files to upload…….grabbed another coffee……At last, the shots were there for me to start working on.

This image started off in Lightroom with a few general adjustments before I sent it to Color Efex Pro and tried to get a little creative alchemy going, blending 5 or 6 filters together to achieve the image I wanted.

I hope you like it.  By the way, I bought a lot more plants and you might be seeing them sometime soon…Now for the hard part, my wife is nagging me to plant them up in the garden.

The photo is for sale on my website Rory McDonaldImagine how good it would look on your wall in a nice large frame? A shortcut to the actual photo on the website can be found here in case you want to buy a print.

Alternatively, you can licence it from Getty Images by clicking here


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