Finally Up and Running

Well….. after weeks of work, uploading, chopping and changing and endless tweaking, we have got a web site.

It’s by no means the finished article yet, but it will get there.

We have only got 100 or so images on line so far. As you can imagine it can be a slow process and I’m kicking myself for not adding keywords and tags and meta data as I imported them onto my computer initially.

Please take note, and learn from my mistake…. tag on import – don’t be lazy!.

We will be updating the site almost daily as I add to the galleries, and, when they grow too large, we will add sub galleries to make finding images easier.

So please keep dropping by to see what’s new, and we will be keeping a regular blog to keep you all informed of what we are up to.



About Rory McDonald

Freelance photographer, based in Kendal UK.
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